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Privacy Policy

We value your personal information.

  1. We are fully aware of your right to control over your personal information in terms of collection and utilization. We will only collect and use personal information as set out below.

  2. In this Privacy Policy, we refer to your 'personal information', which means information or an opinion about an identified individual. Your full name, gender, date of birth, home address, home telephone number, mobile telephone number, email address and workplace contact details are examples of information which may constitute personal information. Personal information may also include information we may collect about your individual preferences.

  3. Shout has developed and executed its Privacy Policy in lieu to personal information to reflect world best practice on privacy policies.

  4. We reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. We will post any changes to this Privacy Policy on our Websites.

  5. In addition, there may also be specific and additional privacy and consent provisions that may apply to certain Collection Channels. These specific and additional provisions may also relate to your privacy protection, we therefore, recommend that you review them wherever they appear. In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions of this Privacy Policy and those other specific and additional provisions, the specific and additional provisions shall prevail.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity

  1. Where feasible, we will allow you to deal with us on an anonymous or pseudonymous basis. Our Collection Channels will only seek information in this way. However, where it is not feasible for the purposes for which information is collected, we will seek the information identified below. It will not be feasible to deal with you on an anonymous or pseudonymous basis when we wish to send you direct marketing materials or need to provide you with goods or services you.

Kinds of Personal Information that Shout Collects and Holds

  1. Personal information that may be requested includes, but is not limited to:

    1. contact information such as your full name, date of birth, telephone number, mobile telephone number, current and valid email address, residential address and postcode;

    2. Your social media credentials and login details including usernames;

    3. Location;

    4. Detailed contact information;

    5. Information that are sensitive in nature

    6. Your Photographs

    7. Your occupation and information regarding your professional history and professional interests;

    8. Educational information;

    9. Information regarding your personal interests and other relevant information

    10. Financial details including your bank account details and PayPal details;

    11. Your online behaviour and interests based on your online browsing activity;

    12. information about your experience with our products or services or third party products or services listed on a Website;

    13. Your credit card details whenever necessary;

    14. The contact details of third parties. If you are asked to provide details about other people, please ensure that these individuals gave permission for their details to be given to Shout and used for the purposes set out in this policy (which may include using their details for marketing purposes); and

    15. Any other personal information which you provide directly to us.

  2. When you use a Website, we may also collect personal information about you through the following categories:

    1. We collect information about how you engage with a Website, including the pages you visit, your chosen preference and settings. We may do this using cookies and other similar technologies that uniquely identify you;

    2. We may collect information about your mobile device such as the hardware model, operating system, preferred language, unique device identifier and mobile network; and

    3. We may also collect and log information like IP address, access dates and times, browser type and pages visited when you interact with a Website.

Sensitive Information

  1. We will only collect sensitive information (including, but not limited to, information about your sexual orientation, religious beliefs, medical and/or criminal history) with your consent and where you provide it to us directly. Where you provide us with any sensitive information, we will only use this information for the purposes stated on the Website or in this Privacy Policy.

How Shout Collects and Holds Personal Information

  1. We will only collect or monitor any personal information about you with your consent as provided in this Privacy Policy or if it is otherwise lawful to do so. The only personal information collected by us is what has been provided to or collected by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy or has been provided to us lawfully by third parties.

Active Information Collection

  1. information may be collected (and combined) via our Collection Channels if you:

    1. Have previously provided us with personal information prior to this Privacy Policy, either directly from you personally or via a third party;

    2. Sign-up and/or register to become a member of any Collection Channel;


    1. Submit any content to or participate in any way via a Collection Channel;

    2. Subscribe to any newsletters, updates, alerts or news and media releases, or request launch or event information about our products, services or other information services as well as third party products or services;

    3. Complete and submit any forms or applications to us;

    4. Directly contacting us in person or via mail, telephone, social media and commercial electronic messages (SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Message Service), IM (Instant Messaging) and email) including via the contact details listed on a Website;

    5. Participate in any offers, promotions or marketing activities;

    6. Interact with a Website for a specific purpose;

    7. Interact with or browse a Website generally; or

  1. Personal information is requested should you need to participate in a Collection Channel, to facilitate or provide you with certain content, products or services, and information about such content, products or services (including the uploading, access to, and receipt of content on a Website, and purchase transactions undertaken on a Website), marketing materials (including direct marketing materials), newsletters, electronic newsletters (e-newsletters), news and media releases / launch information, and also to advise you of other Shout or third party opportunities and products, services, offers, competitions or events which may be of interest. You are hereby not obligated to provide personal information. However, failure to do so may result in the inability to participate in a Collection Channel, thus, Shout being unable facilitate or provide you with certain content, products or services, products or services information, upcoming opportunities and promotion, competition, offer or event information or accept competition entries or other content from you (where applicable).

  2. We may also obtain your personal information from legitimate third party sources including social media channels, list brokers and other data providers or organisations that share data in circumstances where it is lawful and/or you have given permission for them to do so.


  1. The collection of personal information is neither intended for, nor directed to, persons who are under the age of eighteen (18) years old. Personal information will not be collected by any person who is known by Shout to be under the age of eighteen (18) without the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Persons under age eighteen (18) may only use our Websites with the involvement and consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Passive Information Collection

  1. We we may also collect information which tells us about visitors to our Websites. Information like the date, time and duration of visits and which pages of a Website are most commonly accessed. This information is generally not linked to the identity of visitors, except where a Website is accessed via links in an email we have sent or where we can uniquely identify the device or user accessing a Website. By accessing a Website via links in an email we have sent and/or by accessing a Website generally including when you are logged into an account, you consent to the collection of such information where it is personal information.

  2. As you navigate through our Websites, certain information can be passively collected such as Unique Device Identifiers (UDI), cookies, Internet tags or web beacons, and navigational data collection (log files, server logs, clickstream). In certain circumstances, this information may be considered anonymous information or personal information. This is dependent on the device used and the method by which an individual connects to the Internet. Your Internet browser automatically transmits to the Website you are browsing some of this anonymous information or personal information, such as the URL of the website you just came from, the Internet Protocol (IP) address, the UDI (if applicable) and the browser version your device is currently using. Cookies and other technical methods may involve the transmission of information either directly to us or to another party authorised by us to collect information on our behalf.

  3. Our Websites may use and combine such passively collected anonymous information or personal information and/or information from various third party sources. We may combine your visitor session information or other information collected through tracking technologies with personally identifiable information from time to time in order to understand and measure your online experiences and to determine what products, promotions and services are likely to be of interest to you. By accessing a Website, you consent to information about you being collected, compiled and used in this way.


Purposes for which Shout collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information

  1. Personal information collected will be used for the following purposes:

    1. For the purposes stated in a privacy collection statement.

    2. To maintain the functionality of a Website.

    3. To fulfil obligations in respect of any upload terms of use, or any other contract between you and Shout.

    4. To send you any technical, administrative or legal notices important to our Websites.

    5. To allow you to create an account, sign in and use the functionality of a Collection Channel including the Shout Influencer Website.

    6. To allow you to respond to opportunities, briefs or campaigns created by other users of a Collection Channel;

    7. To facilitate payments from you and to you via a Collection Channel.

    8. To provide you with information about your transactions, content, services and products.

    9. To provide direct marketing materials, events, special offers, competitions and promotions in person and via any medium including mail, telephone and commercial electronic messages (SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), IM (Instant Messaging), email) or any other form of electronic, emerging, digital or conventional communications channel.

    10. To provide you with relevant advertising when you use our Websites or those of a third party.

    11. To maintain our relationship with you.

    12. To render services related to our company

    13. To provide you with newsletters via mail and electronic newsletters (e-newsletters) via commercial electronic messages.

    14. To respond to customer enquiries, complaints and complaints handling.

    15. To improve Website and system administration.

    16. To obtain opinions or comments about products and/or services and to conduct other research and development.

    17. To record statistical data for marketing analysis and to conduct market research.

    18. To share personal information with our group companies, our promotional partners, trusted brands using a particular Collection Channel and their related bodies corporate and agents, and other trusted third parties in the manner described below.

    19. If you are a business we trade with, to carry on our trading relationship with you including identifying and contacting you, invoicing your correctly, assessing the risks of providing credit to you or your business, and securing and recovering any debts owed to us.

    20. Any other purpose as may be deemed reasonably necessary by Shout in the circumstances.

  2. For the purposes described above, personal information may be shared with Shout group companies, Shout promotional partners and their related bodies corporate, and other trusted third parties. Failure to provide personal information may result in Shout being unable to provide you with certain content, information, upcoming opportunity, promotion, event or product information and/or accept content and promotion entries (where applicable).

  3. We recognise the trust with which you provide personal information, and except as stated in this Privacy Policy or as is otherwise lawful, such information will not be used or disclosed for any other purposes without consent. However, Shout reserves the right to use or disclose any information, including personal information, as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, to protect the rights or property of Shout, any member of the Shout group, or any member of the public, to protect the integrity of a Website, to fulfil your requests, or to cooperate in any law enforcement investigation or an investigation on a matter of public safety.

Contact by Shout

  1. Shout does not send advertising or marketing information without obtaining prior consent. If you receive communications from Shout which you do not wish to receive, you may remove your name from the database in the manner indicated in the communication, including by utilising the functional unsubscribe/opt-out facility (if the communication is via commercial electronic message) or by contacting Shout at the contact details in this Privacy Policy. Please allow 30 days for this request to be processed.

  2. Despite removing your name from the database from receiving future advertising and marketing information, Shout may send you non-commercial “Administrative Emails”. Administrative Emails relate to a Shout user account and may include administrative and transaction confirmations, requests and inquiries or information about a particular Shout user account. If you do not wish to receive such communications from Shout, you may remove your name from the database by utilising the functional unsubscribe facility.

Ability of others to view information

  1. Shout may provide areas on a Website where you can upload user-generated content, post or provide information about yourself, communicate with other users including commercial users and brands, provide reviews for content, products and/or services, utilise functionalities that allow you to post content to your own social media channels, or interact with or vote on content. This information may be shared with others and may be publicly posted on our Websites, including without limitation, other social media platforms and other public forums in which you choose to participate. This information may become publicly available and may be read, collected and used by others either on our Websites or outside of our Websites. Shout is not responsible for the conduct of others who may read, collect and use this information.

Your right of access

  1. You have the right to access and review your personal information that may be recorded on the Shout database. Information may be reviewed by contacting Shout’s privacy officer at the contact details contained in this Privacy Policy. Please allow 30 days for this request to be processed.

  2. On a case by case basis Shout may determine that it is not required to give an individual access to personal information to the extent that it is lawful for Shout to do so. If such a determination is made, then Shout will provide you with a written notice.

  3. Where you are seeking, information held on electronic file, or where you are seeking hard copies of personal information, we reserve the right to charge reasonable handling/ postage fees as appropriate.

  4. With some personal information that may be stored, for example where it is held on program tapes, it is not practical to provide this information to you without charging an appropriate fee as we deem reasonable in those circumstances.

Changing and deleting the information we have about you

  1. Information contained on the database may be amended, or your preferences for contact from us changed, by contacting Tribe’s privacy officer at the contact details contained in this Privacy Policy. Please allow 30 days for this request to be processed.

  2. In the same way, a request may be made to delete personal information, and all reasonable steps to delete the information will be made, except where it is required for legal reasons. Deletion of information may result in us being unable to facilitate or provide you with information about certain transactions (including the uploading, access to, and receipt of content on a Website, and purchase transactions undertaken on a Website), other content, services or product information, upcoming promotion, competition or event information, and/or provide certain content, goods or services.

We are not responsible for removing your personal information from the lists of any third party who has previously been provided your information in accordance with this policy.

Storage and security of personal information

  1. Personal information is stored on secure servers that are protected in controlled facilities. This service may be performed on our behalf and data may be hosted by our selected data storage providers. In some cases, these facilities may be overseas, including, but not limited to, New Zealand, the United States of America, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

Disclosure of personal information to overseas recipients

  1. Shout employees, data processors and other trusted third parties are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by Shout. However, security of communications over the Internet cannot be guaranteed, and therefore absolute assurance that information will be secure always cannot be given. Shout will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to personal information.

Shout and links to other websites

  1. Our Websites may contain links to the websites of other organisations which may be of interest to you. Their inclusion cannot be taken to imply any endorsement or validation by us of the content of the third-party website. Linked websites are responsible for their own privacy practices and you should check those websites for their respective privacy statements. Shout is not responsible, nor does it accept any liability, for the conduct of companies linked to our Websites.

  2. We may use third party advertisements on our Websites. All third-party advertising, if paid for, is paid for by the relevant third party advertisers and are not recommendations or endorsements by Shout or any of its affiliates. Shout is not responsible for the content of any third-party advertisement on a Website. Cookies may be associated with these advertisements to enable the advertiser to track the number of anonymous users responding to the campaign. We do not have access to or control of cookies placed by third parties.

Related Shout Websites

  1. All Websites operated by Shout will adhere to this Privacy Policy. The policies on the Websites of some members of the Shout group may vary, however, because of local customs, practices or laws.

Sale of the Company

  1. If Shout merges with, or is acquired by, another company, or sells all or a portion of its assets, your personal information may be disclosed to our advisers and any prospective purchaser’s adviser, and may be among the assets transferred. However, personal information will always remain subject to this Privacy Policy.

Problems or queries 

  1. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or any problems or complaints about how we have collected, used, stored, handled and/or disclosed your personal information, please contact our privacy via one of the following channels:

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